Pilates circuit training on machines


Far from the crowded classes, in a family and serene atmosphere, in small groups, we offer circuit-training classes on high quality Pilates machines, for 3 or 4 people.

Circuit training is aimed at students who are already relatively proficient in working on the machines.

This course consists of a short warm-up period all together and then a “circuit training” on all the machines: the teacher explains the exercises that will be performed on each machine at the beginning of the course and then everyone positions themselves on a machine to start.
After a practice period, the students run on the machines, completing the entire circuit.

The aim is to maintain an intense rhythm of practice and to create more autonomy in the student’s work.

Pilates machines (Réformer, Cadillac, Chair) uses springs to assist the student’s movements with support, or to add resistance, and therefore additional difficulty to the exercise; this will make the exercise and the effort greater or, on the contrary, will facilitate the movement.
The number and strength of these springs can also be varied, from the lightest to the strongest, thus adapting the exercise for each person. The work will be all the more targeted when certain muscle groups are targeted more precisely.

Preparing for the class

All our classes are held in comfortable, preferably close-fitting clothing (leggings/jogging pants and t-shirt), andspecial socks for the apparatus. You can also bring your towel and water bottle to drink before and after…

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