Hatha Yoga

An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory.”

Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

Hatha yoga is a unique discipline in the history of mankind. According to Indian tradition, Haṭha yoga was born five thousand years before our era. Hatha literally means “bringing together the opposing and complementary forces” such as masculine and feminine or the sun and the moon. It’s origin is the pole of the physical body that leads to deep well-being,and radiant health.

Hatha yoga is the most common form of yoga in western culture.

For thousands of years, this discipline was only passed on by word of mouth. Yogis practised it throughout the day by linking postures together, such as kriyas (purification techniques), pranayamas (breath control), dhyana (meditation), sun salutation and yoga nidra (relaxation).

Nowadays, we gather these elements of the practice into one session. In doing so we aim for the mains points so as to fit in with our contemporary lives. Haṭha yoga is thus the result of a compromise which needs a healthy lifestyle to be respected. It is a life philosophy that enables us to find health and well-being.

The Western practice of Hatha yoga is a search for unity of all the physical and psychic arrangements that make up the human being. The practice emphasises the experimentation of complementary opposites, such as: feminine/masculine, movement/immobility, inspiration/expiration, resistance/lack of control.

Postures, breathing, meditation, may in turn culminate in the practice.

They can be used in pairs,
such as postures/breathing or postures/meditation
and in threes: postures/breathing/meditation and developped with increasing difficulty

Hatha Yoga is a practice of balance, which integrates asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), mudras (symbolic hand gestures), drishtis (visual points) and bandhas (energy locks). The postures are adapted to the time of day and are suitable for everyone. We alternate calming and energising postures to bring balance to our body and mind where breathing is always present. We become aware of our breathing and gradually learn to control it through various techniques. The session ends with a moment of relaxation.

The practice of yoga improves overall fitness and develops body control. The postures have an impact on muscle flexibility, the relief of physical tensions, and spinal alignment. Concentration is encouraged, memory and sleep are improved, stress and anxiety are reduced, and overall energy is increased.

Yoga for all enthusiasts, beginners and seniors.

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