Your first yoga class

Studio Nai’A welcomes its students, members or occasional visitors, 7 days a week.

To deepen their practice, workshop events will be held on Sundays but different practices will also be offered to members throughout the year.

Whatever your level, our yoga classes are designed to improve health, physical performance and mental sharpness. Our convenient times allow you to find the class that best suits your schedule.


Do some Yoga!

Are you tense and on edge? Do you find it difficult to sleep and to deal with the daily routine and its unruly flow of stressful situations? Don’t wait any longer, take up yoga!
It combines energy, strength, flexibility, relaxation thus creating a general well-being.

Our classes take place in small groups, in a calm, peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Through simple postures adapted to all types and ages, beginners or experienced yogis work on their breath and their movements in a calm and fluid way. The objective is above all to think of oneself and to do oneself good, by ignoring the external environment for the duration of a session, the yogi turns his or her gaze inwards to stop the many mental fluctuations, to awaken his or her full awareness and to gain well-being and confidence.

Yoga is a discipline that combines physical exercises, breathing, concentration/meditation and relaxation. This is why its benefits are numerous, on a physical, psychological and emotional level: relaxation, revitalisation of the body, detoxification, concentration, quality of sleep, stress management, and even strengthening of the immune system.

In short, all good reasons to (re)start!

Yoga class plan

The first few minutes of the class are crucial, which is why participants are asked to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the session to avoid any stress. Positioning is an important moment to find inner silence and to concentrate on one’s breathing. Also, to start by placing oneself in the room in a meditation position, i.e. lying down for a few minutes to relax.

Lesson structure

Some recommandations

It is preferable that the body is light, as this will facilitate the practice and relaxation.
It is recommended that you have an empty stomach at least two hours before, and not to eat heavy meals either before or after the session, to shower beforehand and to wear light and comfortable clothes.
Avoid perfume, jewellery or socks that may interfere with your practice or that of others.
This practice is purifying and produces a lot of heat. Don’t forget your towel.
Yoga is a non-competitive practice of introspection, letting go, surrendering to the present moment, non-attachment, non-judgment.

By practising yoga with your instructor on a regular basis, your whole body becomes more supple and you feel lighter and more energised.

Our yoga classes allow you to regenerate mentally and physically and to relieve stress and anxiety.

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