What is Relaxation Therapy?

It is a “mind-body” support method that re-establishes harmony between body and mind by drawing on your positive resources.
Inspired by Western techniques (hypnosis, auto-suggestion “Coué method” (psychology) and Eastern techniques (yoga, Buddhism, Zen), it allows you to reinforce your well-being, your values and your sense of existence through a series of exercises based on breathing and the mind, muscle relaxation and the visualisation of positive images

It is an invaluable help in self-realization and proects.

Today, it accompanies more and more people in many fields: medical, paramedical, sports, educational, but also very naturally each of us in his daily life on a personal and professional basis, since it is accessible to all and at any age.

It meets many daily needs, such as recharging oneself, releasing tension, mobilising attention, developing creativity, regulating emotions and experiencing the pleasure of one’s own abilities.

It is a precious help in the realisation of oneself and one’s projects.

How about Relaxation Therapy-Yoga?

It is quite simply as its name indicates, the combination of relaxation therapy and gentle yoga movements. The sessions are built on a clearly defined theme (awe, self-confidence, self-expression, dealing with emotions, tension release, l’intuition, feeling grounded, satisfaction …)

A 60- minute session  is made up as follows:

A moment to exchange
before the practice: carry out a bodyscan and intention for the session


Relaxation Therapy
Dynamic relaxation exercise: (standing or sitting) based on gentle movements combined with breathing that lead to body relaxation


Stretching, warming up the body through sun salutations, gentle sequence of postures (ASANAS)


Relaxation Therapy
Static relaxation or “sophronisation” (lying down), based on the visualisation of positive images.

In short, sophro-yoga is about taking a sense of perspective
to improve your daily life
and develop your full potential.

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