Mat Pilates

Matwork Pilates

It is a free body workout performed on a floor mat. A programme of specific exercises carried out in a fluid and continuous manner, the importance of which is the number of repetitions and rhythm. The main objective is the positioning and this in order to carry out the movements in an ideal alignment which is then a correct position for the spine, a source of relief for many types of back pain. The work is based on lengthening thus avoiding spinal compacting whilst optimising effort and protecting the joints. The self-expanding, or lengthening, consists of a fight against gravity: deep muscles will therefore be called upon.

We start from a basic level to more advanced levels, working the body as a whole. Props are used to increase the difficulty or to assist in carrying out the movements.

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The matwork exercises are carried out quite simply with a free body or with the help of small accessories. Their objective is to develop the body and mind in an even and harmonious way, focusing mainly on increased work of the core, (power-house) which is essential for the stability and mobility of the spine. This method is associated with specific breathing. Its aim is to rectify bad postures to restore physical vitality, and to stimulate the mind and the student. The method aims to achieve efficient and functional movements, thus contributing to improved performance.

The matwork classes are held in small groups for optimal care of students and a correct and perfect achievement of the movement under the attentive eye of the instructor. All our instructors are fully qualified.

Here are the most popular accessories

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“Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very life depends on it.”

Joseph Pilates

It is a practice for all levels where classes are accessible to everyone. The Pilates method allows you to work the whole body in depth and adapts to all body shapes. The focus is on safety for beginners and improvement for the more experienced.

We offer quality sessions adapted to each person’s needs, physical condition and objectives.

It is a method that can be practiced at any age. It is suitable for people with little physical activity as well as for high level athletes.

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