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Barrier gestures and safety

We are entering autumn with velvet steps… with a beautiful Indian summer again these days!
Come and recharge your batteries at Studio N’ai’A, in fact we sincerely need it more than ever…
It’s such a different time of year! Let’s not let ourselves be put off and influenced, let’s stay in reasoning and benevolence by respecting the barrier gestures.

Hygiene will be our priority!

We do not want to and cannot take any risks with the health of our members and teachers.

This is why we have decided on rules that are strict in appearance, but which should not interfere too much with the joy of practising again in the flesh. These rules, however strict and restrictive they may seem, are essential for the well-being of all.

Your Pilates and Yoga Studio, like all other public places, will provide you with hydro-alcoholic gel.

The teacher will move around the studio wearing a mask. We also ask you to come masked and stay masked until you are on your mat, in your area, in the room. We will tell you where to put your mat to ensure a minimum distance between each practitioner, and the teacher will place you. No readjustments by teachers can be made.

We will air out for long minutes between classes and in the evening. We will disinfect toilets and doors every hour.

We ask you to bring as little as possible with you and to come in your own clothes.

If possible, come with your own equipment as we unfortunately cannot provide mats and accessories (mats, straps and bricks…) unless you disinfect them thoroughly at the end of the course with the products we provide.

If you are among those who have contracted Covid, you should seek medical advice before resuming any activity. If you have been in contact with a confirmed case, isolate yourself for 15 days.
If you have symptoms, stay home.

You can come 5 minutes before the start of the course if you wish, but not more. We need to avoid mixing with practitioners from the previous course.

Bring your own water bottle. We won’t be able to offer you any herbal teas for the moment, and yes we know, it’s hard 😢 but let’s remain confident and strong, it’s the only way to get through the crises.

See you soon on the mat!


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