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Centring on breathing and quietly listening to the body whilst carrying out a specific movement adapted to one’s own constraints (injuries or lack of flexibility) and body shape. Also, using thought and concentration to carry out an action going from inside to without…

Strengthening long muscles and stretching short ones whilst focusing on self-expansion and axial elongation. Also, softening and creating space around the joints thus feeling lighter and finding the ideal posture

Directing one’s efforts to reach one’s goal, one’s objective as well as taking care of oneself. This entails opening up, moving forward , and raising one’s energy into consciousness…

studio nai'a online lessons on


1 • Live online lessons (streaming) at 12€ per lesson

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• Easy, free registration with Eversports. Simply fill in the form with your first an last names and email address. • Take a look at the schedule and book one of the streaming classes. • 30 minutes before the start of the course you will receive an email with a link to the broadcast. • and you’re ready to go ! You save 25€ on your annual subscription.

12€ la séance de 55 min

2 • Videos (retransmitted whenever you choose)

Subscribe to our online videos and get access to various creative teaching tools (videos, tutorials) for quality Pilates. Practicing becomes a real pleasure !

15€ the video

Monthly subscriptions (Pilates or Yoga): 25€.

Annual subscription (Pilates or Yoga) : 180€.

With the free app Eversports, you can practice when you feel like it!

Practice whenever you want and wherever you are, while benefiting from some of the personalised advice and corrections of a face-to-face session, with true quality follow-up and tailor-made lessons.

« Discover your strength
– no need to lift weights
to develop physical and mental strength »

studio nai'a online lessons on

A comprehensive assessment and specific help regarding your practice, enabling you to train safely. Also, learning, understanding, progressing and refocusing, all helping to make sense of online practice. It feels like your instructor is at home with you.


Face-to-face classes at Studio Nai’A are suspended until further notice from the government.

Only home lessons are maintained and remain possible for the available slots.


1 – In order to participate in the online courses you must create an online account with Eversports.

2 – You can access the Eversports homepage from our website or by downloading the Eversports app onto your computer, or even more easily, to your smartphone or tablet.

3 – If you have already been to our studio and used Eversports you will already have an account.

All you need to do is log in and choose the class you want to attend from the schedule and the rate you prefer. We have set up a special ZOOM COURSES rate, however, you can choose to be supportive and help the Studio by maintaining your current subscriptions or cards.

4 – If this is the first time you are doing a lesson, simply create an account on Eversports by clicking on Choose the formula that suits you, scroll down with the little arrow on the right to see the product you wish to choose and your place will be automatically reserved.

5 – It is not possibe to register without any credit, however, you can now buy credit directly from your account when booking.

6 – Fifteen minutes before the start of the course, click on the small camera or the link to the chosen time slot. You will automatically be transferred to the ZOOM platform where you will have previously created your account.

It is preferable to create your account the day before, then at the time of the course, fill in your last name, first name and email again to confirm your identity in order to connect to the camera.

You’ve made it!
Enjoy your practice!

Videos are currently under construction…


Online class rates

The Pilates session lasts 55 minutes.

1 lesson

Pilates or Yoga
  • 20€ per lesson

4 lessons

Pilates or Yoga
  • 16€ per lesson

10 lessons

Pilates or Yoga
  • 14€ per lesson

20 lessons

Pilates or Yoga
  • 13€ per lesson


Price for 1 VIDEO : 7€

You can also use your ZOOM course card

Monthly subscription

Pilates or Yoga

Yearly subscription

Pilates or Yoga

Enjoy a personal follow-up from home!

There are many of you that follow us at Studio Nai’A. I would like to help you maintain your practice in all life’s circumstances and make classes available to you even if it’s not possible for you to come to our premises for whatever reason.
We will guide you in online practices with a true quality follow-up, whatever your level. This will enable you to KEEP IN SHAPE and SAVE TIME.
Come and benefit from our experience. You will get precise feedback with spoken indications and pictures that relate specifically to the Pilates method.

Just like at the Studio, a true personal support connexion is created as you practice with Nadège. Everything is put into place to activate the best version of yourself.

« Find your physical balance
in your daily life »

Studio Nai'a - Pilates lessons on Zoom

Take this time to take care of yourself!

Avantages of online practice

• Constant and accurate feedback on your practice
• Tailor-made follow-up and advice
• Answers to your questions
• Lots of educational explanations
• Safe practice at home
• Easy access via Mindbody (free)
• A reduced rate and a 7-day free trial period
• Unlimited access to our classes
• An affordable price

Who might be interested?

• Everyone who is unable to attend at Studio Nai’A
• All the students I have met across the world
• Courses in French, but also in other languages
• Those who live too far away, who have moved or who are away on business or holiday
• Those for whom getting about is still complicated (Pre or Postnatal, lack of time, specific medical condition, confinement etc.)
• These videos will enable you to practice in your free time and have time to take care of yourself

What do we offer?

• Classical and contemporary Pilates sessions
• Stretching classes
• Relaxation sessions
• Private classes upon request
• A monthly newsletter to guide your practice and present you with our latest news and workshops

Creative and comprehensive courses tailored to your own needs

• Listed by length and level
• Objectives for each exercise
• Contraindications for each exercise
• Muscles or joints involved
• The fundamentals or basics of Pilates
• Teaching aids, exercise by exercise
• Themed classes
• Classes with accessories (fitball, foam-roller, thera-band…)
• Stretching sessions from dance or other techniques
• Short videos of 10 and 20 minutes with a specific objective
• Complete one-hour videos
• Masterclasses with guest instructors

« Cultivate calmness as we need to find our own inside space for peace »

Practical Information

Payment online by credit card via Eversports or by cheque directly to the Studio. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information or help! Nadège: +33 7 83 77 68 43

« Explore the flexibility,
of your body
and mind. »

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